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20th February 2014 Knowing Your Business Show

This week the topic of conversation is – How can businesses use storytelling?

Storytelling in business is often described as a way to enhance relationships and communication within organisations and externally with customers. It’s often said the purpose and practice of great storytelling in business is to influence others – customers, clients, organisations, job interviews. … every contact point should tell an emotional story.

Knowing Your Business ask Bob Hill, Claire Taylor and Giles Lury, how that works.


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Bob Hill poet, author and reviewer

Bob started The Mighty Pen in 2011 in order to encourage people of all ages, cultures and abilities to share in the joy of writing creatively.

As a writing facilitator Bob works for different organisations on a consultancy basis providing writing and poetry workshops. These organisations include the National Trust, youth theatre groups, reminiscence groups, Libraries and museums.

Bob also hosts corporate workshops where employees and managers can learn better communication skills by creating their own poetry and short stories.

Bob has published two anthologies of poetry; ‘The Stand Up Poet’ and ‘Jack Hughes is Dead’ and is currently working on a third anthology planned to be available as part of the commemorations of WWI.

As well a writer and workshop facilitator Bob also performs at festivals and spoken word events and has worked alongside John Cooper Clarke, with whom he swapped dietary tips, and John Hegley, with whom he discussed favourite pens. Bob is a regular contributor to The Claudian Review and and is the editor of Poetica Icognita; both online writing and poetry journals.

As a former DJ and music promoter Bob now also runs several poetry and spoken word events in the south of England including ‘Talking Loud and Telling Stories’ in Bournemouth and ‘Beatnik Boulevard’ in Banbury.

When not writing poetry or doing other literary stuff Bob will be found sampling Laphroig whisky and listening to 1980s jangly guitar music whilst pretending he could still be Morrissey.


You can hear what Bob Hill thinks on how businesses can use storytelling. A unique twist maybe?

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Claire Taylor founder and director of The Story Mill

The Story Mill is an innovative organisation created to stimulate authentic dialogue within companies between employees, teams and leaders and externally between businesses and their customers and partners.

Claire’s new book – The Tao of Storytelling

30 Ways to Create Empowering Stories to Live By – is a wisdom memoir that follows Claire’s transformational journey to discovering the hidden treasure in her personal stories. Each of the 30 tales carries a powerful message as well as practical exercises to help you find your treasure and transform your life. Our stories can empower us or disempower us – but the good news is that once you become aware of your hidden stories you can become the author of your own life.


Claire gives us some rather useful insights on how businesses can use storytelling.

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Giles Lury The Value Engineers Executive Chairman 

Giles specialties include:Brand positioning, re-positioning, brand extension and brand architecture,

Renowned for his creative spark, Giles launched his career in advertising where he built up his reputation for 12 years, winning not one but  two IPA Advertising Effectiveness Awards. He brings an invaluable 360 degree perspective to any project with a wealth of experience in communications, packaging and corporate identity as well as a strong hand in brand consultancy!

In addition, he contributes regularly to the media and is the proud father of four books: “Brandwatching”, “Adwatching”, “Researchwatching”, and the latest release ‘The Prisoner And The Penguin.

Giles now focuses his time on honing specialisms in Branding especially positioning, architecture and extension.

Favourite workshop prop: One of his Lego watches.


Thoughtful commentary from Giles, in storytelling format.

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This week the Knowing Your Business show was presented by Ian Gentles and guest presenter Judy Mansfield.


Ian Gentles Digital Marketing Specialist based in Banbury Oxfordshire, The founder and Digital Marketing Manager of Knowing Your Business (the business radio show that is a rather useful marketing vehicle with podcasts)

Helps Business towards – increasing their (on and off line) sales and boosting their business reputation. Deals in the aspect of digital communication strategy concerned with understanding market opportunities, cultivating markets and customers, and generating awareness and demand for product and services.

Often known as somebody who spends at lot of time in online social spaces who also has a deep interest in the spaces where technology, culture and big ideas overlap.

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Judy Mansfield – Gifted public speaker. After 35 years of being salaried, now loving being self-employed. Married, one husband, 2 cocker spaniels, and an unrequited love for Rod Stewart

Tagline: Trying to ‘make a difference’ each day.

In the day job Judy is a professionally trained Independent international Celebrant, holding a Diploma in both Marriage and Funeral Celebrancy. She is available to carry out Celebrancy services internationally.


Public speaking
Wedding ceremonies
Wedding Symbolism
Naming Ceremonies
Poetry and Readings
Funeral Services
Eulogy Writing


As the topic of conversation on today’s show was ‘How can businesses use storytelling?’ Ian Gentles decided to ask Judy her story,

Play the podcast and find out the Judy Mansfield story


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The Knowing Your Business live radio broadcasts is about facts and balance. It’s about telling an engaging story, and the goal is to educate rather than the push advertising model that has been broken for years. This way, listeners are informed, and they become engaged with YOUR business, its mission, its values, its vulnerabilities, and its passion.



Knowing Your Business Show time is every Thursday at 10 am until 12 pm on Radio Horton.

If you have any questions for our guests or would just like to leave a comment please do.


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