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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Louise Jenner ‘The Dream Job Coach’ helps people find their dream job

Our Interview with Louise Jenner The Dream Job Coach was based on her work in inspiring individuals and businesses to achieve their goals. The show topic was all about New Year’s resolutions. A time where people pledge to make positive changes, think big, and refuse to let those naysayers who dream too small deter themContinue Reading

Book Publishing Insights with Alison Thompson the Proof Fairy

Interview with Alison Thompson the Proof Fairy on how she is helping people just like you take your book from possibility, to plan, to publication. The show topic was all about New Year’s resolutions. We asked Alison how can someone transform that New Year resolution of writing a book, into the exciting stage of reality.Continue Reading

Beat the Yo-Yo Dieting Cycle with Health & Wellness Expert Joanne Henson

On this show we asked health & wellness expert Joanne Henson – how can individuals transform their New Year resolution from thinking about becoming more healthy, into an exciting new reality? Statistics vary, but most estimates put the success rate for New Year Resolutions at around 10%. That’s a depressing 9 in 10 chance ofContinue Reading

27th November 2014 Knowing Your Business Show

On this show it’s all about New Year’s resolutions. We discuss with three business owners how they plan to help people transform their New Year resolutions into exciting reality. We also hear some fabulous personal stories. We hear how to gain your dream job, how to become an author, and lastly, how to improve your healthContinue Reading

David Tovey Sales, marketing and leadership speaker

On this show we discuss with sales, marketing and leadership speaker David Tovey how can a business STAND OUT from the crowd? It’s not that difficult according to David. The questions consumers and business purchasers ask every single day are things like, what is it that’s remarkable about your business? Why should I choose you?Continue Reading

Digital marketing packages

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On-air and online marketing

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19th November Show

This week we discuss all type of business subjects

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