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Monthly Archives: September 2014

James Sutton (BSc MCOptom) explains eye health

On this Knowing Your business radio show we explored the subject of eye health with optometrist James Sutton. As it’s National Eye Health Week from 22nd to 28th September we thought James would be the perfect expert guest. That proved to be just the case. The podcasts are further down the page. Guest presenter LesleyContinue Reading

25th September 2014 Knowing Your Business Show

For individuals and organisations alike, having a wealth of expert knowledge sure helps if you want to grow your business opportunities. It has been suggested that one of the fastest ways to increase business and attract attention is to become a go-to authority in your field. Therefore when potential clients seek the help that yourContinue Reading

18th September 2014 Knowing Your Business Show

On this show we explore the Health and wellbeing industry. Do we exercise enough? Do we eat the wrong foods? Do we rely too heavily on the medical profession to put right our wrongs? Are we really taking responsibility for our own health? Will the Apple watch, or any of these new technology apps changeContinue Reading

11th September 2014 Knowing Your Business Show

Working from home is easy, Isn’t it? On this Knowing Your Business show we discuss with the experts, the challenges and benefits business owners face whilst working remotely. Is it lonely? Do they have more freedom? Is it difficult setting hours of work and sticking to them? Can they be more creative on their own? Continue Reading

4th September 2014 Knowing Your Business Show

Every business needs specialist skills. One way of curing commercial headaches is employ people with specialist skills, train staff, buy the skills ad hoc and of course, learn skills for your own self development. On this business skills for success show we’ll learn some of the different skills needed in business with the experts. KnowingContinue Reading

Digital marketing packages

Your business live on radio. Imagine that! With your very own podcast recording to promote your company for the next year, this is ‘brand journalism’ at work. It’s authentic. It’s real. It’s sharable. It encourages conversations. It enhances your credibility that demonstrates your knowledge and expertise to prospective customers. It’s YOUR digital asset.

On-air and online marketing

Market your business on-air and online with Knowing Your Business.  The wealth of benefits include a telephone interview live on radio, your own recorded podcast and extensive online promotion. It’s unique. And it works. Contact us and book your radio slot with podcast today. Hear the Knowing Your business show trailer

19th November Show

This week we discuss all type of business subjects

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