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16th January 2014 Knowing Your Business Show

Our first show of 2014 and the main subject of conversation is Brand. What is that, and what does it mean? we’ll also talk about Google Plus and tax, a surprisingly popular topic last time out so we’ll explore a bit more.

The Knowing Your Business team interview Sarah Kennard and Lou Ellerton about brand, Ian Gentles about Google Plus, and Matt Lewis about Tax

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Knowing Your Business show is broadcast every Thursday from 10am until 12 Noon

Allow me to introduce this weeks Knowing Your Business show guests, with their podcast, websites and social media links.

Sarah Kennard explains life as Brand Sarah Kennard, a Holistic Wellbeing Coach for businesses.

Sarah set up her business in April 2012 and until now has been running it alongside her corporate career

In November of 2013, Sarah was presented with an opportunity to take redundancy from her longstanding corporate career in customer service. It didn’t take her long to say yes please.

Sarah has known for a long time that her heart lies in helping people and while Sarah had some opportunity to do this is her everyday role, it was limited as her focus was on the harder commercials. Sarah left her job in December 2013 and is now focusing her time 100% on her holistic wellbeing business brand.


Play the podcast and find out why the Holistic Wellbeing Coach BRAND was born


Want to contact or connect with Sarah Kennard Holistic Wellbeing Coach? Click the links below…

The Feel Good Coach Website

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Lou Ellerton from the Value Engineers gives us their favourite definitions of brands.

Some people want the creation and communication of brands to be a precise science; others prefer to think of it as a black art. But what exactly is the media talking about when it refers to brands?

While most people will happily agree that the likes of Apple, Nike and Google are ‘brands’, few are able to define what they mean by that. Even within the marketing industry, people disagree as to what exactly makes a brand.

Lou has been a Senior Consultant at The Value Engineers for nearly four years managing and delivering senior-level client projects in strategy, branding, innovation and insight.

Recent clients include Expedia, Everything Everywhere, Ginsters, Unilever Italia, PepsiCo and France Telecom.


Play the podcast and hear Lou Ellerton's insights to BRAND


Want to contact or connect with Lou Ellerton and the Value Engineers? Click the links below…

The Value Engineers Website

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Ian Gentles talks about developing YOUR Brand presence on Google Plus.

Having worked in search, social and digital owned properties since 2007, Ian is convinced Google+ Is your key to Brand visibility in Google search.

Ian explains why Google’s objectives with Google+ is to integrate, identify and authenticate users across its other products that includes Google Maps, Google Local, Gmail, YouTube, Google Play, Google Events, etc.and how that can work for your business marketing.


Play the podcast and find out why Google Plus is a very useful network for BRAND presence


Want to contact or connect with Ian Gentles? Click the links below…

Ian Gentles Digital Marketing Website

Connect with Ian on Google+

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Matt Lewis Financial VAT Expert from Concur talks Tax at 11:35am.

Less than a third of small businesses always claim on VAT expenses and less than one in ten claim 100% of that, while less than a quarter always reclaim VAT on business mileage claims.

Based on these figures, it’s probably no surprise that three quarters of small businesses wish they knew more about employee expenses and VAT reclaim.
Furthermore, less than 40% surveyed by Concur are certain their organisation complies with HRMC regulations and more than 40% are worried about HMRC coming to inspect their business.

The biggest concerns about not complying are a damaged reputation (37%), monetary fine (28%) and lost working hours (19%).

33% of finance decision makers at UK businesses understand HMRC regulations on expenses ‘extremely well’ (q1)
31% of UK companies always reclaim VAT expenses (q8)
39% are extremely confident their organisation complies with HMRC regulations (q3)
83% were concerned to some extent about the HRMC coming to inspect their business (q4)
31%% are regularly reclaiming VAT on employee expenses


Play the podcast and find out what Matt had to say about saving YOUR business some money


Want to contact or connect with Concur? Click the links below…

Concur Website

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This weeks Knowing Your Business show wass presented by Ian Gentles and guest presenter Joy McCarthy.


Ian Gentles Digital Marketing Specialist based in Banbury Oxfordshire, The founder and Digital Marketing Manager Knowing Your Business (the business radio show that serves as a powerful marketing vehicle with podcasts)

Helps Business towards – increasing their (on and off line) sales and boosting their business reputation. Deals in the aspect of digital communication strategy concerned with understanding market opportunities, cultivating markets and customers, and generating awareness and demand for product and services.

Often known as somebody who spends at lot of time in online social spaces who also have a deep interest in the spaces where technology, culture and big ideas overlap.

Want to contact or connect with Ian Gentles? Click the links below…


Joy McCarthy the Oxfordshire copywriter. Ardent thought-bubbler who thrives on chaos. Creative copywriter who also takes good writers and helps them achieve copywriting excellence with a Professional distance learning copywriting course

Want to contact or connect with Joy McCarthy or the Copywriting Apprentice? Click the links below…


The Knowing Your Business Show social links

Knowing Your Business Logo


Knowing Your Business Show time is every Thursday at 10am until 12pm on Radio Horton.

If you have any questions for our guests or would just like to leave a comment please do.



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