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Radio Show 29th August 2013 – Knowing Your Business talks to Kay Allen OBE, Simon Charles, Tom McArdle and Jessica Green.

Topics of conversation include heath and fitness, socially good businesses, the Law of attraction and time saving tips for small businesses.

Information about this weeks show guests and their podcasts.

Simon Charles talks about his two years in business.

Simon has been offering both fitness classes in Banbury and individual personal training.

He says “Whether you prefer to work one to one with a personal trainer or join in a group exercise class, I will help you reach your goals and improve your level of fitness”.

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Simon Charles Interviewed

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Kay Allen OBE talks about the new initiative Trading for Good.

Kay is passionate about social action and inclusion.

Trading for Good was conceived by Kay Allen OBE, a corporate and social responsibility expert and small business entrepreneur. Its vision: Inspire half a million small businesses to be more socially responsible over the next five years.

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Kay Allen OBE Interviewed

What to know more? Contact or connect with Trading for Good via the links below…


Tom McArdle talks about Aura Interpretation and Coaching.

Tom has traveled around the world, meeting many people, learning from their cultures and spending many months being able to sit still, to reflect upon and to understand many areas of the life lessons that he has so far experienced.

Taking the Law of attraction, The Law of Karma, The Law of Resistance, The Law of Manifestation. Tom says “When you understand that it’s simply energy and you have a choice, you can learn to choose the right energy that improves your life”. – – – – (The Law of Intention).

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Tom McArdle Interviewed

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Jessica Green offers up some time saving tips for small businesses to achieve a better work life balance.

Jessica runs three businesses – Jess Green Digital Diva, Pink Chilli Virtual Assistance and Jessica’s Cupcakes.

Often described as passionate about Business, Marketing, Technology and Social Media in no particular order.

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Jessica Green Interviewed

What to know more? Contact or connect with Jessica via the links below…


This weeks knowing your business show is presented by Ian Gentles and guest presenter Joy McCarthy.

Ian Gentles Digital Marketing Manager of Knowing Your Business and Banburyshire Info.

Joy McCarthy the Oxfordshire copywriter. Ardent thought-bubbler who thrives on chaos.


Show time is Thursday at 10am until 12pm on Radio Horton.

If you have any questions for our guests or would just like to leave a comment please do.


3 Responses to The Knowing Your Business Radio Show 29th August 2013

  1. Joy McCarthy says:

    Delighted to be able to listen to the podcasts. A big thanks to all the guests who were a delight to talk to. It taught me a lot.

  2. Shardell says:

    Great stuff joy.

  3. Joy McCarthy says:

    Shardell! I’ve only just seen this comment. Thank you – can we now count New Zealand in our audience figures?

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