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17th September 2015 Knowing Your Business Radio Show

On this week’s Knowing Your Business show we talk about WHY business owners started in business. We want to discover – what was the spark that ignited them. Why did they go on to chose the path they have taken. We heard the excitement in their voices. Their mission, their values, their vulnerabilities, and theirContinue Reading

27th August Knowing Your Business Radio Show

On this weeks Knowing Your Business Radio Show we discuss PR. There’s an old saying: “Advertising is what you pay for, good publicity is what you pray for.” That was certainly true in the past. But is that true today?     It’s also been suggest by some commentators that publicity is more effective thanContinue Reading

13th August Knowing Your Business Radio Show

Mixed bag of business topics on the Knowing Your Business Radio show this week.     We’ll discuss how small businesses could improve their marketing with Sharon Jervis from Easy Marketing, What does it cost? how best to do it? And we’ll extract a few hot tips too so don’t miss them. Geetu Bharwaney fromContinue Reading

11th June 2015 Knowing Your Business Radio Show

Back by popular demand, this week it’s our open Knowing Your Business radio show where there is no specific topic. What you can be assured of, we’ll hear the fascinating stories of our guests. Why they started. What have been their challenges and inspirations. Where do they see themselves in the future. You can find ourContinue Reading

28th May 2015 Knowing Your Business Radio Show

This week it’s our always popular open Knowing Your Business radio show. This show we talk about all types of business related topics rather than a specific business focused subject. You can find our guests preferred topics of conversation further down the page. And what a fabulous mix it is. We’ll hear the stories of our guests. WhyContinue Reading

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Market your business on-air and online with Knowing Your Business.  The wealth of benefits include a telephone interview live on radio, your own recorded podcast and extensive online promotion. It’s unique. And it works. Contact us and book your radio slot with podcast today. Hear the Knowing Your business show trailer

19th November Show

This week we discuss all type of business subjects

Don’t miss this stunning line-up of guests

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