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The Knowing Your Business show works on so many different levels.


It works ….




Are you getting ready to release a product or service? Or want to let the world know of an existing one?

Do you want to know how a Knowing Your Business LIVE radio interview that we turn into a podcast can boost your business profile?

I listen to a lot of podcasts. Whether


  • I’m in a car, 


  • Riding the train, 


  • Or even just sitting on the couch in my living room, 


I enjoy hearing people share their expertise on interesting topics. Conversations are fun — or is that just me? I love the “narrow casting” of podcasting. Why? The people who listen to the Knowing Your Business podcast are people who WANT to listen.


There is no better way to


  • Educate, 


  • Enlighten 


  • And entertain prospective customers in an informal, whenever-you’re-ready environment. 


  • You don’t have to be at a certain place and time to catch an episode. 


  • You can listen to something today and you can listen to it 8 months from now.


I like that fact that podcasts are mobile.


  • And it’s the mobility of the Knowing Your Business podcasts that’s a HUGE benefit to consider.


Many businesses come across as functional, efficient – almost like machines.


  • What’s often lacking is the human element.


Take websites, for instance. How many have you seen which don’t have a human presence?


  • No mention of human beings at all.


  • No human face behind the business – just a wall of words littered with features.


So what? Well,


  • People need to connect, 


  • Need to relate to someone, 


  • Need human interaction. 


  • A website is no different. Visitors look for something that resonates with them.


The oft-used phrase, ‘stand out from the crowd’ is bandied about by marketeers.

But what does it really mean for you? How do you rise above the competition?

So what if, instead of reading your stuff, your potential customers could listen to you?

This is an option most people aren’t giving them. And there are lots of opportunities to listen when you aren’t able to read.


  • In your car is the biggest, 


  • But also when you’re folding laundry, 


  • Washing the dishes, 


  • Getting dressed in the morning, 


  • Or simply having some “down time” at night.


The Knowing Your Business podcast is the secret weapon for businesses looking to wear their personality, passion and prowess on their sleeves. Our podcasts are a wonderful way to capture YOUR knowledge through conversations and build relationships with listeners.

Want to deliver your message directly into the head of your prospective customers?


  • Podcasting is not just another way to get in front of your possible customers,


  • it’s a different way. And that’s important.


  • And, if they like what they hear, people will be more likely to choose you.


In addition to giving your prospective customer a different way to connect with you, the Knowing Your Business podcast also allows your customers to get to know you better. Hearing your voice makes you much more of a “real person” than just reading your words.

Why does this matter?


  • People want to do business with other people, not faceless businesses.


  • And they’re even more eager to do business with people they know.


  • Hearing your voice helps you build a relationship with your audience that your blog can’t accomplish.


. . . and Statistically a Good Idea Statistics support what common sense tells us. Edison Research takes a yearly look at podcasting statistics. Recent surveys from eMarketer, Nielson and others all show impressive metrics for podcast listenership. The Knowing Your Business show format is on-demand talk radio. Giving Your Business a VOICE!  

It works…

The tremendous popularity of iPhones, Blackberry, and Android smart phones has created a “hockey stick” curve in podcast listenership. It works… It’s authentic. It’s real. It’s sharable. It encourages conversations. It enhances your credibility that demonstrates your knowledge and expertise to prospective customers. it works… It’s YOUR digital asset. It works… Because we also have conversations online around your topic of expertise.

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Digital marketing packages

Your business live on radio. Imagine that! With your very own podcast recording to promote your company for the next year, this is ‘brand journalism’ at work. It’s authentic. It’s real. It’s sharable. It encourages conversations. It enhances your credibility that demonstrates your knowledge and expertise to prospective customers. It’s YOUR digital asset.

On-air and online marketing

Market your business on-air and online with Knowing Your Business.  The wealth of benefits include a telephone interview live on radio, your own recorded podcast and extensive online promotion. It’s unique. And it works. Contact us and book your radio slot with podcast today. Hear the Knowing Your business show trailer

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