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Bert Sheffield International rider / athlete at Equine Canada.

Back after popular demand we interview Bert Sheffield for the second time. This lady has a very powerful story.

Canadian International Para-Equestrian/ Dressage rider based in UK with dual nationality from birth. Bert explains her aspirations to represent Canada in the world championships and the Olympic games in Brazil and then Canada.

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Selected for Lincolnshire Elite Athlete Programme 2013 and is always looking for more sponsors.

Bert aims for the coming year are to successfully compete her two stunning horses on the Canadian team’s European Tour and to be selected for the World Equestrian Games in August.

This is stepping stone on her quest towards the Rio 2016 Paralympics.

Bert have just had a very successful year competing for Canada at many big International shows around Europe.

This resulted in Bert being placed 9th in the FEI World Rankings (highest ranked Canadian rider).

Bert is currently 24rd in the World.

Bert lives with Rheumatoid Arthritis in all limb joints, neck, shoulders and jaw. This started when she was 15 and has progressed through her body.

Bert is also delighted with her new (used) car!!! She say’s “It may be a slightly odd colour but I like it. Such luxury having an automatic!”

Sponsored by TopSpec, Bliss of London saddles, Nathalie Equestrian Apparel, Espayo Equestrian and HorseHage and Mollichaff.


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In this little 2:31 second clip snippet we hear a little about life choices.

Bert gives us real insights into life choices when challenged


This 4:25 second snippet Bert talks about finding something in life that inspires her.

Finding the passion


In this 2:14 second snippet we hear when Bert went off life’s rails 

Going crazy


A fascinating interview worthy of your time. Play the FULL podcast.

Bert gives us real insights into her life, the challenges and the humour


You can listen to the first interview with Bert Sheffield


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This weeks Knowing Your Business show was presented by Ian Gentles and guest presenter Julie Cooper.


Ian Gentles Digital Marketing Specialist based in Banbury Oxfordshire, The founder and Digital Marketing Manager of Knowing Your Business (the business radio show that is a rather useful marketing vehicle with podcasts)

Helps Business towards – increasing their (on and off line) sales and boosting their business reputation. Deals in the aspect of digital communication strategy concerned with understanding market opportunities, cultivating markets and customers, and generating awareness and demand for product and services.

Often known as somebody who spends at lot of time in online social spaces who also have a deep interest in the spaces where technology, culture and big ideas overlap.

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Julie Cooper is a trainer, coach and author specialising in one to one skills. Her company, Spring Development ( offers lively, focused training and development to organisations and individuals that want to flourish and get the best out of their working lives. Her book, ‘Face to Face in the Workplace: A Handbook of Strategies for Effective Discussions’ has been widely acclaimed, and has featured in The Sunday Times and Guardian Careers . “This Year’s Must Have Book” (HR Director)

She understands that busy people need accessible, practical information, which is why her books are packed with instantly usable techniques and tips. She also coaches other professionals to help them turn their ideas into a book. You can find her books at Amazon or at

Her latest book ‘ Five Steps to Being Heard: How to get your Message Across to the Right Person’ is currently available for free at

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