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5th March 2015 Knowing Your Business Radio Show

It’s open show time here again on the Knowing Your Business radio show. No specific business topic, these open shows are more about absorbing business and life stories. We’ll discover why they started in business. Their BIG challenges. What they plan for the future.

What’s guaranteed in all of our shows, we’ll hear excitement in their voices. Their mission. Their values. Their vulnerabilities. Their passion. And we’ll gleam some useful business tips too. Show starts at 10 am.

Our guests are – Sarah Alexander, John Corlett, Sharyn Singer and Nick Rink.

Asking the questions is regular guest presenter and renowned people skills training / development trainer, and author Julie Cooper.

Show host Ian Gentles



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Sarah Alexander

Business Coach, Mentor, Author and Speaker – offering a system of coaching and training called MAGNIFICENCE: The Twelve steps to High Performance and Low Stress

Currently running a series of open workshops called Be Your Magnificent Self in London.


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The background:

Since childhood, Sarah has a passion was for riding and competing horses.

The equestrian business that she set up after leaving university, where Sarah practically trained and coached competitors, enabled her to get the best from people though their horses.

Through her own competitive training, Sarah learned how to incorporate visualisation, meditation, body awareness, sports psychology, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and other personal and spiritual development techniques to achieve her own best performance and use these techniques to inspire others. This also sparked in Sarah the desire to study meditation and numerous spiritual philosophies as well as develop further her own intuitive abilities.

Since 2001, when Sarah sold the equestrian business, she has incorporated these spiritual concepts and meditation into the coaching that Sarah has been doing. She has worked with international sports competitors, celebrities, millionaires and successful executives both in the UK, Europe and the Far East as well as people who want to move to the next level of their spiritual development.

Sarah has taught meditation classses for many years, teaching techniques from many different spiritual disciplines. She now bring these strands together and base the work that she does on the principles of A Course In Miracles which she has been studying for many years.

Sarah currently help entrepreneurs and leaders using their Spiritual Intelligence to help them make the most of their Life’s work.





John Corlett

KTP Manager at Oxford Brookes University: helping business and education to derive mutual value.


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This is the 40th anniversary year of KTP – Knowledge Transfer Partnerships.

John has been working for nearly 30 years at the interface between education and business, helping each to benefit from the other.

In the trade it’s now called ‘knowledge transfer': to John this means prising useful knowledge out of universities and colleges, and putting it to work in businesses and organisations, while feeding back some of their dynamism and entrepreneurship into the academic world.

John also enjoy writing and editing, whether it’s for newsletters, websites, brochures or similar. He even enjoys writing bids.

Specialties: Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, knowledge transfer, university-business collaboration, education and business projects, writing, copywriting, editing.





Sharyn Singer

Naturopath, Children’s Healthy Eating Advocate, Speaker, Author, Tutor


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Sharyn is a former registered nurse and UK Naturopath (London College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences) who divides her time between the US and UK.

Her enthusiasm for Naturopathic principles and particularly ‘food as medicine’ takes her work to many different levels. Having recognised the profound health benefits foods offered while working as a nurse, she has studied and embraced an understanding of food in various ways. For over 35 years she has worked with, taught and continued to learn and appreciate the benefits of authentic, wholesome, nutritious and seasonal food. Sharyn has extensive experience giving talks and workshops as well as teaching Naturopathic Nutrition in different educational capacities; co-directing and tutoring at the London College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Science, various schools of complementary medicine as well as mainstream education. She cooks professionally and privately, providing healthy, wholesome foods, specialising in an individual’s unique food requirements as wella s teaching cooking classes.

Dedicated to promoting healthy attitudes to food throughout life, beginning with very young children, Sharyn has developed an educational project ‘Eat a Rainbow Every Day’ which encourages children to grow, cook and eat vegetables and fruits and wholesome food in imaginative, colourful and fun ways. These have been used in the US and UK in schools and at food festivals, summer camps and library programs.

Currently her work is cooking at a local cafe and teaching children to cook in various capacities; after school programs, special school events and a living food history/cooking course for high school students.

Sharyn can be contacted in these ways:







Nick Rink

Local marketing for SME’s | Local SEO, social media & content marketing


You can hear the FULL interesting interview right here

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Heads up Smart Local, a digital marketing company based in London that specialises in helping SME’s attract more local customers through smarter online marketing. Uses a variety of strategies including local SEO, citation building, social media, mobile marketing and more.

4Networking Area Leader for Wimbledon & Clapham Junction

Passions in life are marketing, publishing and sports although not necessarily in that order.

Specialties: Online marketing, local SEO, social media, publishing, project management

Have always been involved in marketing, but started out in a traditional manufacturing business. Shifted over to online in the mid 2000’s and joined an SEO company that had started up back in 2009. With his small business background Nick was attracted to specific local SEO projects, helping smaller independent retailers and businesses.

He has a number of Google+ workshops coming up: 21st April, 19th May and 4th June 2015





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 Spring Development. We train, we coach, and we assess. So that your business gets the results you want. Training,coaching and assessment specialising in One to One skills.



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This week the Knowing Your Business show has been presented by Ian Gentles and guest presenter Julie Cooper.


Ian Gentles

Digital Marketing Specialist based in Banbury Oxfordshire, The founder and Digital Marketing Manager of Knowing Your Business (the business radio show that is a rather useful marketing vehicle with podcasts)

Helps Business towards – increasing their (on and off line) sales and boosting their business reputation. Deals in the aspect of digital communication strategy concerned with understanding market opportunities, cultivating markets and customers, and generating awareness and demand for product and services.

Often known as somebody who spends at lot of time in online social spaces who also has a deep interest in the spaces where technology, culture and big ideas overlap.

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Julie Cooper (Adv DipEVG, Cert ACE, BPS:RQTU)

A trainer, coach and author specialising in one to one skills.

Julie is an innovative professional with expertise in, and enthusiasm for, lifelong learning and personal development issues. She has a special interest in helping others develop one to one skills.

Her areas of expertise include assessment, employee development, education and training, guidance and interview techniques. 20 years consultancy experience has been gained through working within a broad range of public and private sector companies.In addition to offering lively training and focused coaching,

Julie is available to speak at your conference or event. Contact Julie at Spring Development

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The Knowing Your Business live radio broadcasts is about facts and balance. It’s about telling an engaging story, and the goal is to educate rather than the push advertising model that has been broken for years. This way, listeners are informed, and they become engaged with YOUR business, its mission, its values, its vulnerabilities, and its passion.



The Knowing Your Business Radio Show is broadcast every Thursday from 10 am until 12 pm on Radio Horton.

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