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20th November Knowing Your Business Radio Show 2014

On this Knowing Your Business show we discuss the different business to business services available that make a real difference to the bottom line.

Business-to-business (B2B) describes commerce transactions between businesses, such as between a manufacturer and a wholesaler, or between a wholesaler and a retailer.

The overall volume of B2B (Business-to-Business) transactions is much higher than the volume of B2C (business-to-consumer) transactions. The primary reason for this is in a typical supply chain there will be many B2B transactions involving sub components or raw materials, and only one B2C transaction, specifically sale of the finished product to the end customer. Source

Our expert guests are Cindy-Michelle Waterfield, Mike Daligan, Dominic Kitchin, Tim Luscombe

Business communications expert and regular guest presenter Chris Hogan asks the all important questions.

Ian Gentles hosts the show



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Cindy-Michelle Waterfield Co-Founder of

Extreme Communications Marketer and Speaking Business Strategist
Business-to-business │ Influencer │ Internal & External Communications │Mentor and Coach

An Experienced Director used to mentoring and consulting at all levels: CxO’s, high worth individuals and SME’s who want to increase their profile, market share and bottom line results.

Acknowledged in several books, cited on websites and listed in the Who’s Who International Meeting Planners. A unique talent for melding communication, marketing and sales together in a strategic business style to achieve individual and company goals and objectives. is a platform for bringing speakers and clients together in one friendly place, creating a unique on-line community offering advice, experience and connectivity. All the tools you need to boost your speaking career or business, all conveniently in one place. An easy to use management system for clients and speakers.


You can hear the full interview with Cindy-Michelle Waterfield right here

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Golf, Meeting people, Networking, Collector of Giles books, Suduko and knitting in the odd moment (old fashioned,
but someone has to teach the next gereration how to knit one, purl one!)

You can also find Cindy on Twitter



Dominic Kitchin takes you to the top 1% of your industry

Owner of Saxonbury & Kent Ltd since 2010

At Saxonbury & Kent they know from experience that being competitive in product and pricing no longer brings a competitive advantage. By having the customer at the focal point of their business, the competitive advantage is now within the customers experience.

They help businesses by giving them vital information on how their customer experiences their business. This gives businesses insights on areas they are doing well and areas they need to improve, which allows them to increase profits and maintain customer loyalty.

Dominic has been in the field of Customer Experience for over 15 years.

There are two things that he enjoys learning more about.

  • Understanding why consumers buy.
  • How you do you build a successful business.

He has been fortunate to have some great mentors that have educated him to really understand what drives business. Time and time again they have woken him up to his mistakes by asking one simply question, “What evidence or data are you backing for your decision?”.

Like me, many business owners fail to make business decisions based on factual data. this costs them way to much money which can be avoided if the right data was provided. That is why I’ve set up Saxonbury & Kent. Its to help business make those key decisions based on factual data.

From his experience there should be two key data inputs needed when planning your strategy for business.

  • Financial
  • Customer feedback.

These two data inputs should be at the heart of your business.

His favourite analogy is when we plan a day trip. The financial data represents the mode of travel we are going to use, the customer feedback represents the map. Without the map, the traveler does not know where they need to go.


You can hear the full interview with Dominic Kitchin right here

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The outdoors life, Documentaries, Psychology of buying, Basketball, Paintball, Rugby, Nature walks, Classical music, Musical theatre, Dogs.





Director Mike Daligan

Mike is a former award winning Charity Director and now writer,inspirational speaker and social entrepreneur. His first two books, “The Real Big Society and my part in it” and “The Other Side of the Doors” an autobiography, are now available on Amazon and on Kindle. He is now part way through three others.

He still works with charities, community groups and other voluntary organisations helping to set them up, troubleshoot, consult, prepare business plans, design and fundraising. He also advises business on working with charities. He still works at creating that real big society.


You can hear the full interview with Mike Daligan right here

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Honors & Awards
Jamieson and Guardian Jerwood Awards
The Guardian

In 1994, Mike was shortlisted for the Jamieson Award for an outstanding contribution to the voluntary sector and highly commended in The Guardian Jerwood Award for excellence in the charity field and received invitations to speak in Russia, Belgium and Bulgaria.

Mike has had an interesting life, ultimately triumphing despite the adverse conditions of his childhood in wartime docklands. With the death of his mother when he was five and his father’s return to Germany to get remarried, he was left in the care of his father’s eldest sister and her husband, the latter of whom believed that sparing the rod spoilt the child. Rescued four years later by other relatives, he became part of a family only to have his father return, after nine years, to sign him into the army. Married with two young children, he left to pursue a career as an architect. He divorced when his wife met someone else and, with custody of his children, moved to Yorkshire to become a full time student. There he found himself involved in the burgeoning community arts and environmental movement and engaged in some sex, drugs and rock “n” roll. Along the way, he had a number of relationships and worked as a barman, cleaner, pizza chef and odd job man.

He left architectural school to work in the voluntary sector where he rescued a number of charities from closure, turning them into successful organisations. In recognition, in 1994, he was shortlisted for the Jamieson Award for an outstanding contribution to the voluntary sector and highly commended in The Guardian Jerwood Award for excellence in the charity field.

Following bouts of depression and a pattern of failed relationships and self destructive behaviour, he went into therapy. As a result, he has now been happily married for twenty years with a young daughter and three grandchildren. He has also renovated five properties and run the London Marathon twice. In 1999, he set up his own business and now, beyond retirement age, has embarked on his sixth and, likely, final career as an author and public speaker. Crucially, he now lives the life he always wanted on the other side of the doors he thought were closed to him.


Include evolution and the environment, current affairs and history, reading, films, photography, cosmology, music, running and supporting Spurs. He has run the London Marathon twice, renovated five properties over the past 20 years and eventually plan to build an eco home for myself and my family.




Tim Luscombe is a speaker on finance and a corporate finance advisor

Speaker and author specialising in finance for business, leader of a team of business advisors and partner in a corporate finance advisory firm.

Speaking programs include “Supercharge your growth” and “Keys to business value”

Author of “Deal Finance” the business leaders guide to business sales, acquisitions and raising money.

Core expertise in making successful acquisitions in the SME sector, add real value to acquisitive businesses.

Specialties: Increasing the value of your business, helping you realise the value of your hard work


You can hear the full interview with Tim Luscombe right here

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Chairman, TVBA Western Region

Thames Valley Business Advisors Limited,

KLO Partners,

Professional Speaking Association

TVBA (Thames Valley Business Advisors) is the largest group of experienced business professionals working with businesses in Berkshire, Bucks and Oxfordshire.

Personal website


KLO Partners website



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This week the Knowing Your Business show was presented by Ian Gentles and Chris Hogan.


Ian Gentles

Digital Marketing Specialist based in Banbury Oxfordshire, The founder and Digital Marketing Manager of Knowing Your Business (the business radio show that is a rather useful marketing vehicle with podcasts)

Helps Business towards – increasing their (on and off line) sales and boosting their business reputation. Deals in the aspect of digital communication strategy concerned with understanding market opportunities, cultivating markets and customers, and generating awareness and demand for product and services.

Often known as somebody who spends at lot of time in online social spaces who also has a deep interest in the spaces where technology, culture and big ideas overlap.


Want to contact or connect with Ian Gentles? Click the links below…


Chris Hogan

Chris runs OxCopy, a content marketing agency serving North Oxfordshire and beyond. With a technical background and a management MSc there’s a deep understanding of the science behind content writing for SEO and marketing, using articles, case studies, news, press releases, blogging and social media.

As a result, customers receive intelligent, original and compelling content marketing their businesses, raising profiles and increasing responses to campaigns, all leading to more leads and improved sales.

Specialties: Marketing content strategies and content provision for businesses struggling to keep up with the demands of modern online marketing, content marketing and social networking.


Want to contact or connect with Chris? Click the links below…



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The Knowing Your Business live radio broadcasts is about facts and balance. It’s about telling an engaging story, and the goal is to educate rather than the push advertising model that has been broken for years. This way, listeners are informed, and they become engaged with YOUR business, its mission, its values, its vulnerabilities, and its passion.



The Knowing Your Business Radio Show is broadcast every Thursday from 10 am until 12 noon on Radio Horton.

If you have any questions for our guests, or would just like to leave a comment please do.


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